Criminal Background Report

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With Criminal Background Verification investors can pre-screen themselves, making it easier than ever before for borrowers, lenders, investors, and service providers to find the right fit and move a deal forward.

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The Crimsheild Difference

Crimshield isn't just another background check company - it's a way to show the world that you are Certified Crime Free.

That difference matters as much to us as it does to you.

  • Live Team

    It's one thing to give our customers stacks of data in court records that are hard to read and understand, and a whole other thing to have our team of live investigators, attorneys, and court researchers do the digging it takes to qualify people as "crime free" or "low risk" using our proprietary investigative techniques.

  • Proprietary Investigative Techniques

    Our approach is entirely different from the one instant background check companies take, and it gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing CrimShield certified investors have passed our in-depth screening process. 

    Everything we do comes back to the principle of providing safety, security, and knowledge by researching individuals and verifying their identity the old-fashioned way, even when it means checking court records in person.  In fact, we automatically investigate every applicant in multiple states or counties, looking for information, red flags, and inconsistencies where other background providers don't.

  • Customized Investor ID Badge

    Investors across the country are vulnerable to convicted felons and other dangerous men and women who are hiding in plain site. CrimShield products make everyone safer. They allow you to ensure that potential investor partners pose little to no risk.

  • Verify Anywhere

    Feel more confident about meeting and doing deals. Using the customized Investor ID Badge and online verification tools, you can feel more secure knowing that you have the full weight of our investigative and screening matrix behind you. CrimShield looks where other providers don't. What we find makes you safer from criminals, predators, thieves, and liability lawsuits.

No More Guessing

Know who you are doing business with. The most comprhensive, accurate, and up-to-date look into a person's background.

Protect Yourself

Feel more confident knowing you are protected from known criminals with screenings done by our licensed private investigators.

Save Time & Money

Understandable data by our live team of investigators, attorneys, & researchers to qualify investors and expedite your deals.

Show You ARE Trusted

Verifiable customized Investor ID Badge to show potential buyers/sellers and other investors you're trusted and crime-free.

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  1. Rwi Admin

    Building trust with the investors you’re working with is important. A Criminal Background check fast tracks that process and gives you a document that’s easy to share and easy to update.

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